My roots in Windsor Lake run deep. I lived at 21 Jasper for 15 years. During that time, the love of my life, Renee, moved in at #19. I married the girl next door. Literally!

Thank you, Windsor Lake, for bringing us together!

I started my first business in 1988 with nothing. For a few years, I worked out of my parent’s basement at … 21 Jasper Street!

So my business career also began in Windsor Lake.

Windsor Lake has given me a lot. Now I want to give back.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of success in business. My strength is creating jobs. I employ more than 400 people throughout the province. Now I want to work for you and our province.

I will work hard to attract more investment and create more jobs.

In the district, your issues will be my issues. Your concerns, my concerns.

I will get things done for you.

We’ve been dealt some tough hands by the Tories, but I firmly believe our province is back on track. Headed in the right direction for a bright future.

I ask you to give me a chance to help Dwight and his team continue their work to make that happen!

I ask you for your support – put me to work for YOU!

All the best,

Premier Ball has announced your electricity rates will not pay for Muskrat Falls.

The levy will be gone in December 2019.

Our Liberal government has reduced the deficit by $2 billion in just three years.

One-third of the retail sales tax on auto insurance will be eliminated over four years.

Our province is back on track!

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Electricity Rates

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